I’m feeling stuck right now and I don’t like it. What about you? Most of us get stuck from time to time in our career or life, you can’t really avoid it. If you aren’t stuck now, good for you, but pay attention because it will happen to you.

When I feel stuck, it’s because I’m not making the type of progress which I believe I should be making toward whatever I’m seeking or hoping to accomplish. Effort isn’t an issue, as I’m giving 110%, yet I feel like my feet are in deep in mud and I can’t move anywhere.

There are many reasons for being stuck. It could be holding on to a decision or experience from your past. It’s hard to move forward if you’re looking backward.

It could be the timing isn’t right for you to be successful or it’s the wrong thing. I’ve seen that play out in my life many times. I want to force things, but I can’t.

Another is focusing on the wrong things.

Look at this image of two glasses of identical size.

Each glass is half filled with blue color representing the liquid. Each glass is a different perspective.

When feeling stuck, most of us, myself included, tend to focus on the glass to the right, the one where the arrow points to “what I need.” It’s natural to focus on ourselves. The problem is, I don’t have the control, I can’t make it happen. I have influence, but not control.

Here are two tips to getting “unstuck”.

  1. Focus on what I have – My focus needs to shift from my needs and wants to “what I have”, i.e., focusing on the glass on the left side of this picture. When I reflect on it, I have a lot going for me, and I’ll bet you do too.

We underestimate and take for granted the gifts we’ve been given, which are our strengths. If you don’t know yours, write them out. You need to know them so you can attack from a position of strength.

Shift your focus to what others need and how you can help them, which is a step to meeting your needs. As an example, if you need a job, shift your focus from your need for a job, to how your gifts will help an employer by adding value and solving problems for them. Or, if your business needs more clients, think about what you have to offer that will help a prospective client meet their needs or solve their problems.

  1. Don’t do it alone – You can’t get unstuck by yourself. If you could, you would just do it. I’ve learned that lesson the hard way. After trying on my own and getting frustrated, I’m ready to accept the help of others.

We all need the help of others who can do what we don’t do well. I’m thankful for the people in my life I can lean on. If you’re stuck look around, I’ll bet you have others who can and are ready to help you.

Don’t forget God either, reach out to Him. You need his unlimited powers on your side. Ask for His help in shifting your focus and putting people into your life that will help you.

You’ll soon be out of the mud and moving forward.

And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose. Romans 8:28

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