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Faith-based Job Search Workshop
This uniquely designed workshop provides tools and information supporting a job search, the emotional journey while searching and God’s presence.  It was created not only for those who are unemployed, but also for their spouse, fiancé or partner because it is their journey too.    Those attending will learn valuable information about resume writing, how to network, interviewing, seeking new career opportunities, etc. to help them find a job. Attendees will also gain information to support them through the emotional journey, dealing with anger, anxiety, entity, self-confidence, etc., and how God is present throughout the journey.

“Pastor, I’ve lost my job!” – Now What?
When a member of your congregation finally says those words to you, or a staff member, what do you do? How do you and your congregation support them in their difficult journey? Every year, even in this good economy, over 21 million people lose their job unexpectedly through a discharge, layoff or job elimination, which means there are more congregational members experiencing unemployment in a year than will be diagnosed with cancer, be divorced or pass away, yet it often goes unnoticed because they don’t talk about it. Learn how can you support the members of your congregation who will become unemployed.

The Unemployment Journey – God is with you every step!
Even in a good economy, over 21 million people in the U.S. become unemployed through a discharge, layoff or job elimination each year. The journey of being unemployed is one most aren’t prepared for. The future that seemed predictable is suddenly unknown, and most experience this silently. Learn about the emotional journey through unemployment, how it impacts the person who is unemployed and their family, as well as God’s presence with every step.

How to Help a Friend who is Unemployed
You have a good friend or family member who has lost their job. They are struggling. When unemployment happens, most of us don’t understand what they are going through, what to do for them or even what to say to them. We feel helpless. Learn about the emotional journey of unemployment, it’s impact and how you can be a better friend or family member in helping them.

What to Do if You Become Unemployed
You have suddenly become unemployed. You are frozen. You don’t know what to do, so chances are, you are doing nothing. It is a natural response to facing an unknown future that once seemed predictable. What is there to do? First, recognize that this is not your fault. You are not a failure. Secondly, know you are not alone: Over 21 million people in the U.S. become unemployed each year.
Learn about the journey through unemployment, the natural feelings faced: loneliness, anger, despair, fear and anxiety. Ultimately, gain practical, everyday steps to not only get through this journey towards employment but to learn to rely on the Lord more through it.

Thriving Through Transitions was created to help individuals and organizations successfully navigate difficult transitions, and not just get through the transition, but become better in the process.

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