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It’s Not Working Out – Now What?
You are a leader. You have someone on your staff whom you value as a person, but they aren’t meeting your expectations regarding performance in their job, or their vision isn’t in line with yours causing conflict, or they are not a good fit for your team. What do you do? Often leaders avoid addressing issues because they don’t know what to do or how to do it. Learn how to address the many complex personal and legal issues you face in order to do what’s best for the staff member, the team and your organization.

Navigating Organizational Transitions
The not-for-profit industry is filled with many challenging transitions. More and more agencies are merging in order to survive. Senior leaders who have been the leader for many years are retiring. Miscalculating the impact of these significant transitions on the staff who carry out the mission, increases anxiety and turnover, productivity decreases, and employees will dis-engage. Learn about the most frequent mistakes organizations make in transitions, what employees look for and strategies to minimize the negative impacts of change.

It’s not what I thought it would be!
Starting a new career out of college can often be a difficult transition, filled with new relationships, unexpected challenges and unmet expectations. Many will give up too quickly and say to themselves “this isn’t for me.” Learn tips on how to prepare yourself for this new and exciting time in your life so that you not only successfully navigate this transition, but you thrive!

Standing out in the job search: It’s about them, not you!
Searching for your first job out of college is difficult. You’re often one of many candidates all applying for the same position with similar backgrounds; an education and minimal to no work experience. Learn about the search process, how to find the job that matches your gifts. Gain insights into what hiring managers are really looking for, how to make yourself stand out in an interview and practical tips that will help you, e.g. handling group interviews.

Thriving Through Transitions was created to help individuals and organizations successfully navigate difficult transitions, and not just get through the transition, but become better in the process.

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