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Leading Through Significant Organizational Transitions
Organizations are in a constant state of transition, it’s how they survive and grow. Organizational leaders often miscalculate the impact of significant transitions, e.g. acquisitions, mergers, divestitures, CEO retirements, downsizing, etc., on their staff, which increases anxiety and turnover, productivity decreases, and employees will dis-engage. Looking back, they later wonder what happened and why it didn’t work out as planned. Learn about the most frequent mistakes organizations make in transitions, what employees look for and strategies to minimize the negative impacts of change.

Thriving Through Career Transitions
Career transitions are an opportunity for personal growth and development as a professional. Sometimes they are self-initiated, like seeking a new role or a new position. More often, though, career transitions are unexpected, initiated by an organization, e.g. a position is eliminated, a layoff, an organization is sold or merged, a department is realigned and now reports to a different leader, etc. Learn how to prepare yourself to handle these changes so that you thrive through transitions.

Embracing the Opportunity in order to Thrive
In the midst of any professional or professional transition, is an opportunity. Yet most people miss the opportunity and remain stuck and unable to move forward. The longer you remain stuck, the more stress you experience. Learn about transitions and tips to help embrace the opportunity, allowing you to reduce stress and move forward quicker. It’s a significant element in Thriving Through your Transition!

Reinventing Yourself in order to Thrive
Every personal or professional transition begins with the ending of something which you love. When faced with a transition, many people want to re-create what they had before. As an example, the person who has lost their job, usually wants a new job that looks just like the previous one. Yet that usually isn’t possible. Learn about transitions and tips to help you let go of the past and begin something totally new. It’s a significant element in Thriving Through your Transition!

Thriving Through Transitions was created to help individuals and organizations successfully navigate difficult transitions, and not just get through the transition, but become better in the process.

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