It’s simple. Seriously, anyone can do it. It’s not complex, even though there are books written on the subject and once there is a book, we think it must be complicated. It’s not. What am I talking about?


Without encouragement, we are prone to experience discouragement. When we are discouraged, we feel drained, we want to give up, we want to quit.

Encouragement is the fuel we all need to keep going. We all need to receive it.

And, we have a responsibility to give it to others in our personal and professional life.

There are 5 little words that will make anyone feel better when they hear it said to them.

“I am proud of you!”

Then follow those words if you can with “why” you are proud of them.

God spoke similar words of encouragement directly to Jesus in a way that others could hear him. It was Jesus’ baptism at the start of his ministry. It was so significant that the story is covered in 3 of the gospels.

And a voice from heaven said, “This is my beloved Son, and I am wonderfully pleased with him.” Matthew 3:17 (TLB)

I imagine Jesus was pumped up and ready to go after hearing that. I can imagine him smiling and saying to himself, “did all of you all hear that; my dad is proud of me.”

When you hear someone say they are proud of you, especially from your spouse, parents, or our children, it’ll makes you feel like you can fly. I know I do. You’ll feel better, stand more upright and have more self-confidence.

Words of encouragement from someone we know, care about, or whom we respect means a lot to us. It becomes the “wind beneath our wings.” Sadly, there are many who rarely hear a word of encouragement when it’s so easy.

Now you know what to do, but what will you do? Do you know anyone who needs to hear words of encouragement from you today?

Someone on your work team that is working hard, doing important work but no one notices.

A teacher who cares about the kids they teach and is constantly having to adapt to online, or socially distant teaching.

A healthcare worker, who is tired because they are caring for so many sick people during this pandemic.

A first responder, who everyone wants to blame for problems they are working to fix.

A public official, who is trying to do what is best for all constituents but makes no one happy.

A friend with a health challenge, who is now experiencing the long and lonely road of recovery trying to regain their health.

I had a basketball coach who’s favorite saying when things were difficult was, “if it was easy, everyone would do it.”

Encouragement is easy, so don’t wait. Do something now. Your unexpected card in the mail, or your text, or phone call, can be just the “pick me up” they need today.






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