Navigating Club Transitions

Picture yourself standing on the bank of a river you must cross and have never crossed before. What are you feeling? Maybe anxiety because you don’t know how deep the river….

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What Faith Looks Like During the Holidays in 2020

How do you respond when life hits you with the unexpected— when unexpected circumstances turn your plans upside down from what you thought life would look like? Read through Dale’s guest post, here!

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3 Reasons Self-Esteem is Necessary for Great Leadership

I consider great leaders to be those everyone wants to follow. They have the respect both of those who work for them and of those who report to others in an organization.

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How to Motivate Employees Through Emotional Appeal

Failing to focus on employee needs increases anxiety and turnover; in consequence, productivity decreases, and employees will disengage. None of those things are good for the organization.

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Regardless of the circumstances of a significant transition, it immediately causes doubt about its ramifications. It might cause anxiety about the unknown and about the inability to foresee what’s next.

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COVID-19 has brought a host of emotions, hurdles, and changes for everyone. For some, these changes include the loss of a job. How Long, O Lord, How Long? addresses the many emotions that come with unemployment and where God is working in that process.

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Thriving Through Transitions was created to help individuals and organizations successfully navigate difficult transitions, and not just get through the transition, but become better in the process.

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