When you are in a transition, what you fill your mind with is especially important. Take this opportunity to expand your mind by reading any or many of the following books. Some are available through your local library or Libby App. All are available from Kindle, which means you can order a sample to read and determine if you want to read more. Click the book title below and it will take you to the book in Amazon. These books are for you personally, they are not targeted for your job search, i.e., none will tell you how to find your next job. But they will help you make it through your journey and be a better person when you do find your next opportunity.

1) Half Time by Bob Buford.

This book provides the encouragement and insight to propel you to a life of true significance–and the best years of your life.

2) Finishing Well. The Adventure of a Life Beyond Halftime by Bob Buford.

In this book, Bob tells the stories of 60 people aged 40 and older who have pioneered the art of finishing well in these modern times, and who can teach us to do the same. This is especially valuable for those in the second half of their career.

3) In Awe: Rediscover Your Childlike Wonder to Unleash Inspiration, Meaning, and Joy by John O’Leary.

In this book, John O’Leary invites us to consider that it is possible to once again navigate the world as a child does, identifying five senses children innately possess and that we’ve lost touch with as we age.

4) The Go Giver by Bob Burg and John David Mann.

A short story about a powerful business idea.

5) Who Moved My Cheese by Spencer Johnson.

A short story that reveals some profound truths about dealing with change so that you can enjoy less stress and more success in your work and in your life.

6) Life Is in The Transitions: Mastering Change at Any Age by Bruce Feiler.

A book about a pioneering and timely study of how to navigate life’s biggest transitions with meaning, purpose, and skill.

7) 3 Words for Getting Unstuck: Live Yes, And! by Travis L. Thomas.

This book helps with how to respond to the adversity of life.

8) Get Out of Your Head: Stopping the Spiral of Toxic Thoughts by Jennie Allen.

This book helps to inspire and equip readers to transform their emotions, outlook, and circumstances by taking control of our thoughts.

9) Necessary Endings by Henry Cloud.

This book offers this mindset-altering method for proactively correcting the bad and the broken in our businesses and our lives.

10) Option B: Facing Adversity, Building Resilience, and Finding Joy by Sheryl Sandberg and Adam Grant.

The authors combine Sheryl’s personal insights on her loss with Adam’s eye-opening research on finding strength in the face of adversity.

Download this list in PDF form here.

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